How to Login to iCloud Website on iPhone or iPad

iCloud is a smart service provided by the Apple that allows its users to save their data on this drive. All of the rapid inventions of latest technologies lets us capture our beautiful moments and we like to keep the safe and secure. It is a service where you can store your photos, videos, documents, files and folders.

If you have to go to its official website, you can do so by any of your smart devices like a laptop, computer system or mobile phones. Sometimes, you may encounter unnecessary issues with it but there is nothing abnormal as every technology comes up with glitches.

Following are the quick tips to visit its login page

  • Select the browser of your choice and utilize the Menu Feature Request Desktop.
  • Look for it in the Share Menu for the Safari.
  • Find it in the Settings Menu for the Chrome.
  • See to it in the Share Menu for the Firefox.
  • Go to the URL address bar and Tap and Hold on to the Refresh Symbol. A quick menu will appear along with a choice to Request Desktop Site.

How to sign-in into iCloud?

If you are an iPhone, iPod or an iPad user then you will face difficulties in the process because of the Apple services. However, according to the present scenario if you open any browser, including Safari, the step by step process is like: Set up the service on the respective device, go to and open find my iDevice and finally open Find my friends.

How to access iCloud files?

  • For your iPhone, iPad or iTouch with iOS or later, you can go to your files from the Files application.
  • On iOS 9 or iOS 10, you can get all your files on the particular drive application.

For further information, you can go through this link to find the additional techniques to access and login.

In case, you need any sort of help with respect to the above mentioned topic, you can consult with our expert team. You can reach to us via iCloud contact number 1-800-764-852 or online chat process at any time round the clock.